Neat Living Storyboards

These are my two sets of storyboards I have designed for the “Neat Living” project; whilst my first one focuses more on a slightly more abstract setting with it being loosely set inside of a house, my second set is all about focusing on a compact space and all the things that can fit inside […]

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Slimtime   Slimtime is a quirk, animated short film made by “The Slimtime Team”; and it tells the story of a couple, a slim man and a big woman who are going to a facility that seems to use unorthodox methods to help women lose weight fast. The film is bright and friendly and the […]

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Paperman Link to Video   “Paperman” is a Disney short that was shown in theatres prior to the release of “Wreck-It-Ralph”. It has a beautiful art style and design, being almost entirely in black and white; however there’s a level of magic to it that goes beyond the boundary in terms of 3D animation; as […]

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Usagi Usagi; Japanese for Rabbit, was animated and designed by Team Silent; the original creators of the Silent Hill game series; with musical composition by Akira Yamaoka; the music designer for the original series of games. Usagi was created around the time that Team Silent were creating a few short films that were all released […]

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The External World

The External World The External World is one of my all-time favourite short films; it is a series of random and unconnected comedy skits with a mix of dark comedy and twisted humour. It was animated by David O’Reilly who is well known for his use of low-polygon models in all of his short films; […]

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